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Posted on September 18 2020

 It’s Friday, it’s 5 o’clock and the sun is shining!! Here are my pick of this weeks releases:

Johann Johannsson -  Retrospective II (Deutsche Grammophon)
Tragically no longer with us but his legacy of beautiful music lives on in this expansive 8CD + DVD box set, part 2 of his retrospective from Deutsche Grammophon.  The soundtracks on here (Theory of Everything, Sicario, Arrival) are majestic whilst ‘Orphee’ and ‘Englaborn’ are masterpieces, this is essential.

Thelonious Monk – Palo Alto (Blue Note)
A fascinating story behind this unreleased live recording from 1968 (see the listing notes on the website) only adds to its mystique and intrigue. Recorded at Palo Alto high school in Northern California and recorded by the janitor, it languished in a loft for 50 years. It is now brought into the light to reveal possibly the last creative high point for the Monk quartet.

Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On - The Kicker (BMG)
The last Mac LP to feature Peter Green who sadly passed away this year. This re-issue is half speed mastered, contains four bonus tracks and a 16 page book. The packaging is wonderful, and the music is exceptional, the best LP of the early Mac incarnation, mixing their traditional British blues rock with more progressive rock, a true classic.

Various Artists – Door To the Cosmos (On The Corner Records)
A real cornucopia of sounds to be found on this triple vinyl LP from the ever cool ‘On The Corner’ record label. Truly diverse and eclectic selection of music from their roster including afro jazz, deep house and future funk. A dense jungle of an LP that will reward the most adventurous explorers.

Underworld – Drift Series 1 Caroline International)
A 7CD + DVD collection of the work Karl Hyde and Rick Smith have been releasing as part of the Drift project via their website. Have to admit I haven’t listened to much of Underworld since ‘dubnobasswithmyheadman’ but having given this a listen they are still producing string of consciousness lyrics with tough beats, acid bass lines and leftfield electronica, well worth investigating.

Moon Duo – Escape (Extended Edition) (Sacred Bones)
10 year anniversary re-issue for this debut from Moon Duo. Motorik psychedelia flying the freak flag into the 2010’s. Rhythmic trance rock music for the heads to get lost in, absolutely mind expanding, obviously highly recommended.

Flying Colors – Flying Colors (Music Theories)
We have 2 x coloured vinyl LP re-issues of the first two albums from melodic prog rock supergroup Flying Colors. Virtuoso nerdy rock with choruses, oh yes please, buttons pushed.

HLZ - Amethyst EP & Phaction -  Ubiquitous EP (Metalheadz)
Metalheadz are back with a  couple of DnB stormers. HLZ provides smooth rollers, warm enough to melt even the hardest jump up ravers heart whilst Phaction toughens it up with some soulful vocal action on Ubiquitous and just riding the groove train on Boogaloo Shoo.  Tasty couple of 12s right here and Metalheadz bang on point as usual.

More action this week with the latest Eminem LP on vinyl, a coloured vinyl re- issue of L7 – ‘Smell the Magic’ on Sub Pop, the new Run The Jewels magnum opus ‘RTJ4’ and a new CD EP from Neil Young – ‘The Times’. Oh and nearly forgot, a 60th Anniversary re-issue of one of the greatest jazz LP’s, John Coltrane – ‘Giant Steps’, remastered with a bonus disc of additional tracks, re-works and rehearsals. Okay, I’ve drawn breath.

Mix of the Week:
Had a mix from ‘our’ Georgie this week, taken from her show on Margate Radio. Superbly programmed, she is getting more dialled in all the time and had me reaching for Shazam several times. A tasty treat for Friday night dancing or Saturday morning hoovering, toe tapping goodness, trust me.

 More Speedway Grand Prix on this evening from Prague so the clock is tick tocking.

Reach for the stars!

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