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Nightfly Broadcast #6 - 14/08/2020 New Release Highlights

Posted on August 13 2020

Had a short break last week (family up to stay) so missed the blog but back in the groove now fo sho. Lots of new releases to talk about so here are some of my favourites:

1. Suzanne Ciani - Music For Denali (Finders Keepers)
Early soundtrack from the electronic pioneer. Atmospheric moods and uplifting piano work, another important work issued by Andy Votel's Finders Keepers.

2. Max Richter - Waltz With Bashir (Deutsche Grammophon)
And while we are talking about movies, Max Richter's majestic soundtrack to the animated 'Waltz With Bashir' is released on vinyl. A beautiful moving score from the untouchable Mr Richter, just beautiful.

3. C418 - Minecraft - Volume Beta (Ghostly International)
More soundtrack business but this time from the digital gaming world. A real head turner here, not something I was aware of before and only peaked my interest because of being on the Ghostly International label but the marriage of electronic soundscaping and neo classical makes sense and is a winner here at Nightfly. 

4. Immanuel Wilkins - The Dreamer (Blue Note)
Superb debut from the 23 year old saxophonist, a thoughtful and impressive jazz recording on Blue Note. This is only on CD at present, we await the vinyl copies. Well worth checking out and a name to watch.

5. Mark Eitzel - The Ugly American (Tongue Master)
Always liked American Music Club, saw them at Glastonbury in '93, there's something about Mark Eitzel's heart wrenching delivery, an indie crooner for our times. This LP is from 2003 and the first time on vinyl, covers AMC songs with traditional Greek musicians backing, sounds an unlikely pairing but is lovely and  'Western Sky' is one of my favourite tunes from the 2000's. 

6. Pixies - Bossanova (4AD)
Became slightly besotted with Pixies at the end of the 80's and saw them a couple of times, Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are unarguably indie rock classics. Bossanova doesn't quite reach those heights and the sheen is slightly coming off the formula but it is still chock full of great tunes, they never got better than this again imho. We have this re-issued on lovely red vinyl.

7. Gigi - Illuminated Audio (Time Capsule)
Bill Laswell remixes Ethiopean singer Gigi into dub heaven. A vinyl re-issue of the LP from 2003 that passed me by first time but has definitely got my attention now, this is pushing all my buttons.

8. Washed Out - Purple Noon (Sub Pop Records)
I haven't really paid much attention to Washed Out since 2011's debut 'Within and Without' which I enjoyed. This is really lovely modern synth pop, music for driving with the top down on PCH or in my case with the windows open on the A55, joyous. 

9. The Gaslamp Killer - Heart Math (Cuss Records)
Genre busting hip hop producer returns with a mash up of styles and collaborations, beat heavy as you'd expect. We have this LP on 2 x 10" coloured vinyl, special.

10. Deep Purple - Whoosh! (earMUSIC!)
Who would have thought it? A smashing record from the septuagenarian rock dinosaurs. Haven't listened to anything by Deep Purple since I was a teenager so this took me by surprise. Okay Gillan hasn't got the pipes he once had but a really enjoyable rock romp with some hummable tunes.

On the dance front we have a couple of highly recommended 12"s:

1. Hiro Ama - Uncertainty EP (Prah)
Synthy, low key melodic house, a great debut from Hiro Amamiya, another name to watch.

2. Dark star - Civic Jams Remixes (Warp)
Buy for the John Talabot remixes, the 'Euphoria Mix' is a 4am deep beat driven beast while the pick is the 'Materia Dub' which sounds like an ALFOS record and would have been a Weatherall tune for sure. I can see him playing this at Love International, head swaying. This old raver wipes a tear from his eye.

There is plenty more with fab new LPs from Bill Frisell, Bronson and Jason Molina as well a fantastic new spiritual jazz comp from Strut that is unmissable: 'Soul Love Now The Black Fire Records Story 1975-1993'.

Below is a selected playlist of the new releases from the last couple of weeks for your listening pleasure. 

Stay safe and thanks for calling.



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