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Nightfly Records - Top Ten Albums of the Year 2018

Posted on December 10 2018

Tis the season to be jolly and also to look back on this years new releases. Here are my favourite LP's of the year and a fab collection of records they are too. 

10. Onra - Nobody Has To Know (All City Records)

The Paris beatmaker gets all 80's future funk channeling NewJack & RnB and pulls it off with aplomb. A Summer smash at Nightfly.

9. DJ Koze - Knock Knock (Pampa Recrords)

In which an established electronic artist produces an adventurous and satisfying LP in 2019, a shock I know. 'Pick Up' is the standout track as a fab 90's French House pastiche but the rest of the LP stands up and whilst not as anthemic is its equal.


8. S.Carey - Hundred Acres (Jajaguwar)

A beautiful hushed record that just enchanted in 2018. Massively overlooked in my opinion, file alongside Sufjan Stevens best work and I can offer no bigger compliment than that.

7. Boerd - Static (Anjunadeep)

Not strictly a long playing record, more of a mini one, but what Swedish producer Bård Ericson said in its gentle 30 minutes acted as a perfect lullaby for our Summer. A gentle transformative record and he was ace live. 

6. Anenon - Tongue (Friends of Friends)

Haunting, mesmeric LP. Washes of electronic sound, piano and sax float past like lying on your back watching clouds form in the sky. 

5. Chrome Sparks - Chrome Sparks (Counter Records)

Synthtastic pop music for 2018. Every track feels like it might explode into glitterty stars at any second. Wonderful uplifting record.

 4. Pola & Bryson - Lost In Thought (Shogun Audio)

I've started to listen to Drum 'N' Bass again after 20 odd years and records like this are why. Top notch young producers producing magical liquid sounds, probably my most played LP in the shop to be honest. Not ground breaking but just feel good great tunes. 

3. Forest Drive West - Apparitions (Livity Sound)

Dense deep electronic techno from rising East London star Joe Baker. Attitude a plenty, this brushes aside any pretention and gets serious. Time to don your snorkels again.

 2. Helios - Veriditas (Ghostly International)

Dreamlike ambience, gorgeous melodies and heartbreaking tranquility from Keith Kenniff. A beautiful record.

1. Djrum - Portrait With Firewood (R&S records)

Felix Manuel takes your breath away with bold sweeps of drum'n'bass and techno mixed with piano and soaring solo cello. An almost uncategorizable awesomely effective record, absolutely outstanding. Nothing really came close to the destructive power of this in 2018.


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