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Shy Layers

Shy Layers - Midnight Marker (Beats In Space)

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RELEASED: 25th May 2018
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  BIS034

PLEASE NOTE: Small crease at bottom opening corner.

Shy Layers’ Midnight Marker dances between darkness and light, discreet but assured music aware of an “other” self and the dream world which that vessel visits. Rich in symbolism, appearing as floating, formless reflections and poignant pop statements, musician and visual artist JD Walsh’s sophomore album offers new perceptions of time and transition, the emotional tides of experience, and the joy of the journey.

The slower, linear development of Midnight Marker’s songs suggests an organic sensibility that wasn’t quite as apparent on the patternbased compositions of Walsh’s 2016 self-titled debut album. Walsh cites the cerebral pop of Wally Badarou, Arthur Russell, and Another Green World as influences, but his equal love for Luther Vandross digs deep, reflective milestones throughout Midnight Marker. It’s sophisticated while being soulfully, through not righteously, self-aware.

 So, while there is a softness, a shyness to Midnight Marker, there is clarity and wisdom, too. The layers of the past and the experiences which collect together to become age, place, and being are pulled back to reveal a different sense of self. A self able to dance between darkness and light.


A1. Midnight Marker
A2. Gateway
A3. Test Pattern
A4. Lover’s Code
A5. The Keeper
B1. Tomorrow
B2. No Road
B3. Tropical Storm
B4. 15 and 4
B5. Draw The Shades