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Harry Partch

The World Of Harry Partch (8th Records)


RELEASED: 3td May 2018
Vinyl LP

Rhythms From Plectra & Percussion Dances A composer, a theorist, and an innovator, Harry Partch stands out among so many other American classical artists as one of the most eccentric. He notably rejected the tradition of composers like Beethoven and Bach for a lack of theatricality and drama, and took his greatest inspirations from Eastern Noh theater, frequently incorporating speech and dance into his pieces, as well as requiring participants to perform multiple parts. His theories reflected this dismissal, which sought to return musical tradition to those of the pre-Classical era, with a heavy focus on microtonality, and octave intervals beyond what was traditionally utilized.

Many of the pieces he composed would prominently feature instruments of his own invention, including heavily modified string instruments, mallet instruments, and pipe organs. Over the course of his life, Partch released a number of records, soundtracked numerous films by Madeline Tourtelot, and wrote the highly influential text Genesis Of A Music, which would introduce his theories to a contemporary audience, and inspire fellow avant-garde composers as Lou Harrison, Ben Johnston, James Tenney, and even the famed experimental collective The Residents.


A1. Daphne Of The Dunes
B1. Barstow - Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions From A Highway Railing At Barstow, California
B2. Castor & Pollux - A Dance For The Twin