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John Maus

Love Is Real (Ribbon Music)


RELEASED: 13th July 2018
Vinyl LP

Reissues of John Maus’ first three full lengths, previously long out of print for years and now available again on heavyweight LP, following the sold out 6LP catalogue box set edition of 1000 released in early 2018.
The LP pressing is on 180gram heavyweight vinyl. Audio has been sourced from the original masters and lacquers cut
at Abbey Road Mastering.

John Maus is a truly enigmatic musician from Austin, MN. Broadly cut from the synth pop cloth, he’s fashioned the frosty minimalism of its fabric into a cloak of infinite meaning, genuine grace and absurdist humour over the course of five defining albums since 2006, most recently being 2017’s ‘Screen Memories’ and 2018’s ‘Addendum’.

“A cult figure, renowned for his hypnogogic synth-pop and frenzied - bordering on feral - live performances that regularly collapsed into histrionics” - Crack Magazine


  1. Heaven Is Real
  2. Do Your Best
  3. Right For Gays
  4. Love Letters From Hell
  5. The Silent Chorus
  6. Navy Seals
  7. Pure Rockets
  8. My Whole World’s Coming Apart
  9. Don’t Worship The Devil
  10. Tenebrae
  11. Too Much Money
  12. Green Bouzard
  13. Old Town
  14. Time Is Weird