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Daisy Glow

Give It All (RE:WARM)

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RELEASED: 31st July 2020
Vinyl 12" Single


Vinyl 12" Single

Daisy Glow is the collaboration between San Francisco house producers Mouse & Kelix Williams who formed as a spin-off from their live act Tasti Box. Their Daisy Glow guise which previously came out on ZoëMagik Records gave them the chance to make music inspired by full moon raves on the beach and Sunday afternoon raves in Golden Gate Park. In essence a musical reflection of the vibe and sound of San Francisco in the early 90’s. From these sessions came the Give It All EP. Over the last couple of years the EP has made its way back into a number of DJ’s record bags and was previously supported by the likes of Sasha and Digweed back in the 90’s.

Sounding as relevant now as it did in 1992 the three tracks that comprise the EP sit easily in any house set to this day with their old school house sound. Each track having its own identity and all three being house music of the highest order.


1. Give It All
2. Sunday In The Park
3. Theme From Daisy Glow