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Tom Waits

Tom Waits - Swordfishtrombones (Island records)


180g Vinyl LP

Format:  180g Remastered Vinyl LP
Cat No:  0042284246910

"Swordfishtrombones" was highly successful critically and was also the album which finally brought Tom Waits commercial success in the UK. The album itself was a radical departure for Tom who opted for a much more percussive sound which was based around marimbas, wood blocks and many changing rhythm patterns which together with his unique vocal style and characteristic lyrics combined to produce a classic. This was his debut album for Island Records and together with his next two albums - "Rain Dogs" and ""Frank's Wild Years" - formed a critically successful trilogy of great albums which marked the zenith of Tom's career.


1. Underground
2. Shore Leave
3. Dave The Butcher
4. Johnsburg, Illinois
7. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought-Six
8. Town With No Cheer
9. In The Neighbourhood
10. Just Another Sucker On The Vine
11. Frank's Wild Years
12. Swordfishtrombone
13. Down, Down, Down
14. Soldier's Things
15. Gin Soaked Boy
16. Trouble Braids
17. Rainbirds