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Havana Cultura

Havana Cultura: ¡Súbelo, Cuba! (Brownswood)


Released: 15th June 2018
Double Vinyl LP

Havana Cultura: ¡Súbelo, Cuba! showcases an extended network of like-minded, forward-thinking musicians driving Cuba’s music forward. Following repeated trips to connect with venues, collectives and DJs, Peterson and Will LV – one half of LV, who’ve released on Hyperdub and Keysound amongst others – linked up with DJ Jigüe, a much-respected producer and DJ, whose Guampara label has charted new directions for Cuban music. He’s been profiled by The Fader and Vice, and the album features his extended network of collaborators, connecting Afro-Cuban traditions with contemporary movements and ideas.

The album provides a snapshot of a unique club culture that’s fast evolving. On the one hand, it’s indebted to Cuba’s unique characteristics, where regularly-practised traditions are coloured by intermittently-experienced cultures from outside. On the other, it’s part of a global shift toward de-centred club music, with homegrown, influence-grabbing dance cultures tilting attention from club culture’s traditional epicentres. It offers a new side to Havana that’s firmly rooted in its past.


  1. Enciéndelo (Feat. DJ Jigüe & Yissy García)
  2. Compañeros tropicales (Feat. DJ Jigüe)
  3. Bomba (Feat. El Individuo)
  4. Diáspora (Feat. Negro WadPro)
  5. Ciclo de la vida (Feat. Luz de Cuba & Kamerum)
  6. Traketeo (Feat. Luz de Cuba)
  7. Carambuko (Feat. Joao PGlagarto)
  8. Soy libre (Feat. El Individuo)
  9. Number One (Feat. Niño Fony)
  10. Encontrándome (Feat. Sigrid)
  11. Blues de mi barrio (Feat. Yasek Manzano)
  12. Eshu (Feat. Kamerum)
  13. Hasta pronto (Feat. DJ Jigüe & Yissy García)