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C418 - Minecraft Volume Beta (Ghostly International)


RELEASED: 14th August 2020
2 X LP Red Splatter Vinyl

Format:  2 x LP Red Splatter Vinyl, Lenticular Jacket
Cat No:  GI-360LP

As C418, composer and producer Daniel Rosenfeld designs sounds to resonate in both physical and pixelated realms. Best known for his original soundtracks to Minecraft, the single best-selling video game of all time, he’s developed a discography of instrumental music over the last decade that traverses electronic pop patterns, neo-classical dreamscapes, and sparse ambient motifs. The latter element has broken from the “8-bit” pigeonholing of game music and earned him accolades that reference artists like Erik Satie (The Guardian) and Brian Eno (VICE).

In 2015, after quietly self-releasing Minecraft Volume Alpha and Minecraft Volume Beta, Rosenfeld partnered with Ghostly International to reissue Minecraft Volume Alpha on vinyl and CD. The release garnered attention from proper music critics and the gaming community alike, becoming one of the most sought after records in the Ghostly catalog.

Now, following several restocks of Alpha to fervent fan response, it is time for the soundtrack’s second installment to shine. For the legion of listeners and players to, at long last, have Minecraft Volume Beta in tangible formats.


A1. Ki
A2. Alpha
A3. Blind Spots
A4. Mutation
B1. Biome Fest
B2. Aria Math
B3. Taswell
C1. Beginning 2
C2. Moog City 2
C3. The End
D1. Kyoto
D2. Chirp
D3. Mellohi
D4. Stal
D5. Eleven
D6. Far
D7. Intro

**download card (included) contains full tracklist

01. Ki
02. Alpha
03. Dead Voxel
04. Blind Spots
05. Flake
06. Moog City 2
07. Concrete Halls
08. Biome Fest
09. Mutation
10. Haunt Muskie
11. Warmth
12. Floating Trees
13. Aria Math
14. Kyoto
15. Ballad of the Cats
16. Taswell
17. Beginning 2
18. Dreiton
19. The End
20. Chirp
21. Wait
22. Mellohi
23. Stal
24. Strad
25. Eleven
26. Ward
27. Mall
28. Blocks
29. Far
30. Intro