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The Stooges

Highlights From The Fun House Sessions (Run Out Groove)


RELEASED: 12th January 2018
2LP 180g Multi-Colour Swirl Vinyl

1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions was recorded at Elektra Sound Recorders in Los Angeles and compiled from all thirteen reels of multi-track tape that held every note and snippet of studio dialogue. Twelve reels of tape were used during the original sessions, with the thirteenth reel having the takes that would be used on the studio album.

 This sprawling set which was originally aimed at the collector market would be challenging and cost prohibitive to reissue as a multi-disc vinyl box set. What is presented here is an attempt to assemble some of the best highlights from the Fun House Sessions on an officially-released 2LP set in high quality packaging with a sequence that hopefully proves to be an easier, and more casual listen. Included are some terrific alternate versions of “Down on the Street, Loose,” “Dirt,” “Funhouse,” “1970” and others, pulled from session reels 1, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 and originally recorded on May 11, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 25 of 1970. Also notable is the inclusion of the 17+ minute version of “L.A. Blues,” titled as “Freak,” which encompasses the entire fourth side of this set and is the prime example of what makes the Fun House Sessions both loved and feared.


  1. Studio Dialogue #23 (reel 6) 
  2. Down on the Street Take 6 (reel 6) 
  3. Loose Take 16 (reel 4) 
  4. T.V. Eye Take 5 (reel 7) 
  5. Dirt Take 5 (reel 11) 
  6. Studio Dialogue #3 (reel 1) 
  7. 1970 Take 3 (reel 1) 
  8. Fun House Take 3 (reel 9) 
  9. Studio Dialogue #7 (reel 2) 
  10. See That Cat (T.V. Eye) (reel 2) 
  11. 1970 Take 2 (reel 1) 
  12. Lost in the Future Take 3 (reel 3) 
  13. Slide (Slidin’ The Blues) (reel 4) 
  14. Freak (L.A. Blues) Take 1 (reel 12) 
  15. See That Cat (T.V. Eye) (reel 2) 
  16. 1970 Take 2 (reel 1)