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The Whole Nineteenth

Smilin' (Tidal Waves Music)


Released: 15th June 2018
12" Vinyl LP

The Nineteenth Whole’s first (and only) album was originally released in 1972 on Eastbound Records, super rare and fetching large sums on the collectors market, now finally back available as a limited (500 copies) deluxe vinyl edition.
Presented here are five lengthy soul-jazz pieces (including material from ‘Sly Stone’, ‘War’ & ‘The Jackson 5’) with funky grooves and some of the best sparkling organ & guitar licks you’ll ever hear. This album sets the stage for a constant shift in grooves, a collage of earthy Funk, Soul, Rock and Jazz Fusion straight outta 1972… an emotional ride packed with the main ingredients for a ‘get down’.


  1. You Caught Me Smilin' Again
  2. Slippin' Into Darkness Side
  3. Monkey Hips'n'Rice
  4. Lookin' Through The Windows 
  5. Dark Clouds Rising