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Ben Chatwin

Ben Chatwin - Staccato Signals (Village Green)


Released: 6th July 2018
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  VGLP037

Following The Sleeper Awakes (2015) and Heat & Entropy (2016), Staccato Signals is Ben’s third album under his own name. Released through Village Green Recordings, it’s a bolder and more ambitious record than anything he has written before, largely the result of relinquishing different levels of control over the musical process. It’s an album which smoulders with an almost aggressive darkness, yet one that is laced with melodic glimmers of light.
The constant pull between the acoustic and the electronic - man versus machine - and the agile production Ben utilised to maintain their balance, is what gives Staccato Signals its powerful and beguiling character. For Ben this came to reflect the relationship humans have both to nature and technology and the control we try to enact over our environment. Due to his breathtaking surroundings of the Firth of Forth and the North Sea, a major oil and gas reservoir and his hometown of South Queensferry - a historic site of witch executions - interconnected themes of oil, fire and burning burrowed their way deep into Ben’s psyche while writing Staccato Signals, surfacing within the textures of his music. 


  1. Divers In The Water 
  2. Silver Pit 
  3. Helix 
  4. Fossils 
  5. Knots 
  6. Substrates 
  7. Claws 
  8. Hound Point 
  9. Bow Shock 
  10. Black Castle