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Depeche Mode

Violator | The 12" Singles (Sony)

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RELEASED: 17th July 2020
10 x 12" Singles Box Set

10 x 12" Singles Box Set

"Violator | The 12" Singles", is a beautiful collector's edition deluxe box set, containing ten 12" vinyl discs showcasing the singles -'Personal Jesus', 'Enjoy The Silence', 'Policy Of Truth', 'World In My Eyes'- and key B-sides and mixes contemporaneous to Depeche Mode's watershed Violator album. "Violator | The 12" Singles" contains the original and special edition versions of each single, including the etched vinyl version of 'Enjoy The Silence', the blue sealed edition of 'World In My Eyes' plus a bonus promo 12" of 'World In My Eyes' which features exclusive rarities.

Violator | The 12" Singles contains:

Personal Jesus (12BONG17)
Personal Jesus - Remix (L12BONG17)
Enjoy The Silence (12BONG18)
Enjoy The Silence - Remix (L12BONG18)
Enjoy The Silence - Remix (XL12BONG18) - Etched
The Policy Of Truth (12BONG19)
The Policy Of Truth - Remix (L12BONG19)
World In My Eyes (12BONG20)
World In My Eyes - Remix (L12BONG20) - Blue sealed edition
World In My Eyes - Promo (P12BONG20)