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The Cult

The Cult - Love (Red Vinyl) (Beggars Banquet)


RELEASED: 24th February 2023

Format:  Red Coloured Vinyl LP
Cat No:  BBQ2270LPE

Beggars Arkive release a long-awaited vinyl reissue of The Cult’s second album, ‘Love’.

The Cult are fronted by Ian Astbury on vocals and Billy Duffy on guitar. Their music and albums at this point need no introduction, as they have cemented themselves over the years since they began in 1983, as one of the greatest rock bands around.

 ‘Love’ was the Cult’s second album, originally released in 1985. It was their breakthrough and produced many singles, including ‘Rain’, ‘Revolution’ and the epic anthem, ‘She Sells

Songs that still resonate today - ‘She Sells Sanctuary’ was recently featured in Season Two of the hit TV show, ‘Euphoria’. The album eventually defined their career but, at the time, it flew in the face of everything that was going on in music.

1. Nirvana
2. Big Neon Glitter
3. Love
4. Brother Wolf; Sister Moon
5. Rain
6. Phoenix
7. Hollow Man
8. Revolution
9. She Sells Sanctuary
10. Black Angel