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Maxence Cyrin

Maxence Cyrin - Novö Piano lI (Evidence)


RELEASED: 12th January 2018

Format:  CD
Cat No:  EVCD 017
Maxence Cyrin is a French pianist and composer based in Paris. After graduating from a Conservatoire de Musique he got enthralled by electronic music. His first compositions and recordings date back to the 1990s. Novö Piano II confirms his skill to transfigure pop music’s universality through the erudite sensibility of classical music, revealing a new and enchanting dimension of the work of artists such as Björk, The Cure and Dominique A.

  1. Clubbed To Death
  2. Le courage des oiseaux
  3. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
  4. Walking In The Rain (ft Miss Kittin)
  5. Lovely Head Black Hole Sun Hyperballad Jesus Blood Never Failed
  6. Me Yet
  7. Eyes Without A Face (ft Frantic)
  8. Jump