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Antonio Sanches

Antonio Sanches - Buli Povo! (Ltd Edition Reissue) (Analog Africa)


RELEASED: 21st April 2018
Limited Edition Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition Vinyl LP
Cat No:  AADE 08

Analog Africa reissue for Record Store Day 2018
Limited edition 2000 copies

Funaná, the most African of music styles from Cabo Verde had been banned by the Portuguese Rulers. But in 1974, with independence and the birth of the Bulimundo band, everything changed. Their leader, guitarist Katchás, believing it was time for a new approach, decided to dig deep into the ancient rural roots of Funaná and modernise it with a full band electrified setting. the idea gave birth to a whole new chapter in the already rich Cape Verdean musical landscape.

A group of equally adventurous and talented young musicians with a renewed sense of pride spread across the cities of Lisbon, Paris and Rotterdam followed the path and with the help of out of space synthesizers, electric guitar pedals and all kinds of studio effect created their own renditions of Funaná music.

One of these musicians was António Sanches who recorded “Buli Povo!”, the strangest and yet most fascinating funaná recording to emerge from this period. Recorded in Lisbon with the legendary Voz de Cabo Verde in 1983, the album is a synth-drenched journey to the outer limits of Cabo Verdean popular music, which had remained off the musical radar until now. It was only in recent years, as interest in vintage Cabo Verdian music started to grow, that rumours began to circulate about the strange brilliance of his synth-driven journey into the heart of funaná.


A1. Amizade Belo Pereira 
A2. Desgraçada 
A3. Pinta Manta 
A4. Bem Da Fora 
B1. Buli Povo 
B2. Benção De Gente Grande
B3. Amor De Irmão