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Between The Earth And The Sky

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RELEASED: 27th October 2017
Double Vinyl LP

Lankum are a Dublin four-piece who combine distinctive four-part vocal harmonies with arrangements of uilleann pipes, concertina, accordion, fiddle and guitar. Their repertoire spans humorous Dublin music-hall ditties and street-songs, classic ballads from the Traveller tradition, traditional Irish and American dance tunes, and their own original material. The band comprises of brothers Ian and Daragh Lynch along with Cormac MacDiarmada and Radie Peat. When not on tour Ian lectures in Irish Folklore and musical traditions in University College Dublin, while Cormac and Radie grew up as champion traditional players, on the fiddle and concertina, respectively. Yet Lankum are not purely trad themselves, in the same way The Pogues were more urban music. Rough-hewn and raw, they’re the edgiest thing in Dublin right now.

1. What Will We Do When We Have No Money?
2. Sergeant William Bailey
3. Peat Bog Soldiers
4. The Townie Polka
5. Bad Luck To The Rolling Water
6. Déanta in Éireann
7. The Granite Gaze
8. The Turkish Reveille
9. Willow Garden