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Black Fire EP (Horizons Music)

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RELEASED: 31st August 2018
12" Vinyl EP

Artilect’s varied musical background is one of the primary reasons why his production is so coveted throughout the back catalogue of the labels he’s released on. Beginning his career in Manchester during the mid 90s, his love of breakbeats lead him into the world of hardcore and jungle, where his appreciation of
electronic music grew year by year. Having supported artists like the legendary Marcus Intalex at Guidance, his part in the Northern collective Audiosalad helped promote his finely honed craft to a more widespread audience. And now he joins the
roster of Horizons Music.

Title-track ‘Black Fire’ is chaotic with its swathes of crashing percussion; its impact gains more and more momentum as it gradually builds and crashes along its finely-chiselled bassline. ‘Hoax’ has the same oldschool feel, paying homage to the producer’s roots whilst he flexes his ability to create hard-lined breaks
which crash against the record’s firing drum sequences. ‘Deep Signals’ is moodier in its approach, with each weighty bass pad lowering the tone as it draws you in gradually. Whilst ‘Deep Signals’ still nods its head to the type of music which made drum & bass so infamous during its explosion. Finally, ‘Tryptamine’ once
again offers a darker edge although this time it goes to even filthier depths, taking you along for the journey through shaking subs and cranking atmospherics. 


a1) Black Fire
a2) Hoax
b1) Deep Signals
b2) Tryptamine