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Carnal Mind (V Recordings)


RELEASED: 6th April 2018
Double Vinyl LP

Taking his influence from Hip Hop artists such as Jazz Liberatorz, The Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest, L-Side is making his mark in the world of raw dancefloor focused drum and bass. Originally producing hip-hop beats before branching into Drum and Bass, he is known for his meticulous mix of upfront and aggressive sounds merged with funk and soul styles, forging a flawlessly fresh take on drum and bass.

Leonardo de Jesus Silva, aka L-Side, began his career as a DJ and Producer in 2008 and the Sao Paulo born producer has gone on to cement himself as one of the most formidable producers to hail from the flourishing and highly respected Brazilian drum and bass scene, which is home to some of the most inventive and funkiest contributors to drum & bass this century.


A1. 'Carnal Mind' feat. Ras Tweed
|A2. 'No Sound' feat. DRS
A3. 'Spellbound'
A4. 'Don't Look Back' feat. Darrison
B1. 'Bricks' feat. Stapleton | B2. 'Punisher'
B3. 'High Times' feat. MC Fats
B4. 'Nigh Prowler' feat. Inja
C1. 'Holding On' feat. Lady Chann
C2. 'Da Sickening' feat. Jeru The Damaja & T.R.A.C.
C3 'Real Friends' feat. Fox
C4. 'We Still Burn' feat. MC Fava
D1. 'Glass House' feat. Collette Warren
D2. 'Astronaut'
D3. 'La Dolce Vita (The Good Life)' feat. MC Conrad