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Maltin Worf

Maltin Worf - City Of Meth II EP (Defrostatica Records)

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RELEASED: 24th August 2017
12" Vinyl EP

Format:  12" Vinyl LP
Cat No:  DICA007

Maltin Worf is a B-boy at heart with roots in HipHop and Rap. Inspired by Madlib and J Dilla he started flexing his production skills in online beat battles, exploring glitch and wonky beats. Four years ago he won the annual Laptop Battle in Dresden where he started experimenting with jungle breakbeats after a mind-expanding trip on mushrooms and Amon Tobin.

Defrostatica Records discovered his visions and built a close relationship over the last two years. His debut appeared on "Future Sound of Leipzig" Compilation (DICC001), the track called "All My Money" and turned heads due relentless amen choppage and an up-front message.

In early summer 2018 Maltin Worf layed out five breakbeats on 160 bpm with an unhealthy dose of withdrawal from reality as the leitmotif on "City of Meth I EP". He told the spiraling story about dark jungle euphoria to slamming halfbeats of despair and self-abanonment in an original and enthralling way.

The follow up "City of Meth II EP" arose from his moments of melancholia to a forgiving and energised phase of life. With a refreshed but still critical view of his environment Maltin Worf produced four kicking tracks buzzing in the triangle of jungle, footwork and juke.


A1 Maltin Worf - Dream (4:23)
A2 Maltin Worf - Old Love (5:02)
B1 Maltin Worf – Clave (3:53)
B2 Maltin Worf - Rock On (4:01)