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Derrick Hodge

Derrick Hodge - Color Of Noize (Blue Note)


RELEASED: 26th June 2020

Format:  CD
Cat No:  00602508926259

With his third record, 2-time GRAMMY winner Derrick Hodge unleashes his freest work yet. Color of Noize — out June 26 on Blue Note Records — is the band, the concept, and the album, and if that name evokes more questions than answers for you, then you’re reading it right. The title is perfectly wide-open and inquisitive for a composer, bandleader, and bassist (etc.) with Hodge’s history. Color of Noize reflects a melting pot of influence and experience with jazz flow, hip-hop groove, soulful depth, spiritual uplift, and creative fire — but the concept is best described in more abstract terms. As Hodge lays it out: “It’s the contrast, it’s the beauty, it’s the chaos, it’s the freedom — all of that.”