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Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys - Alicia (White Coloured Vinyl) (Sony)


RELEASED: 18th December 2020
2 x White Coloured Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x White Coloured Vinyl LP
Cat No:  19439734111

RCA Records finally release the double, white coloured, LP Vinyl format of the seventh studio album from US R&B royalty, Alicia Keys.

A x15 song album, released to coincide with her soon to be published memoirs. (CD format was released in September). Includes the single "Show Me Love" ft. Miguel & more...


1. Truth Without Love 
2. Time Machine 
3. Authors Of Forever 
4. Wasted Energy 
5. Underdog 
6. 3 Hour Drive 
7. Me X 7 
8. Show Me Love 
9. So Done 
10. Gramercy Park 
11. Love Looks Better 
12. You Save Me 
13. Jill Scott 
14. Perfect Way To Die 
15. Good Job