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Asylum - Da Base II (25 Years Of Metalheadz Part 2) (Metalheadz)


RELEASED: 4th June 2021
12" Vinyl Single

Format:  12" Vinyl Single
Cat No:  MDZ25002

The sound of one of the most recognisable Metalheadz anthems makes up the 2nd part of the Metalheadz 25 Years series.

Asylum (aka L Double's 'Da Base II Dark') was originally released in 1995 and retains its status as a certified classic, still appearing in sets almost 3 decades later. Remastered for this mammoth project the single is accompanied by a Stealth remix on the B side, a remix that grew into Stealth's own personal homage to the Metalheadz sound. The outcome is a ravenous twist constructed entirely with the late night dancefloor in mind.


A. Da Base II Dark [Remastered]
B. Da Base II Dark (Stealth Remix)