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Gabriele Poso

Awakening (BBE)


RELEASED: 30th March 2018
Double Vinyl LP

Making his BBE debut in 2017 with compilation album ‘The Languages Of Tambores’, Italian multiinstrumentalist Gabriele Poso returns to the label with his new LP ‘Awakening’. Since his debut album ‘From The Genuine World’, released in 2008 on Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Gabriele has amassed an impressive catalogue of solo work and guest appearances, not to mention a hectic schedule of live performances. Perhaps Gabriele’s most rounded work to date; ‘Awakening’ captures an artist in full bloom, examining a crossroads between creative and personal paths.

 Encompassing Afro-latin, jazz, soul and dance music elements, glued together by Poso’s distinctive layered live percussion sounds, ‘Awakening’ is peppered with guest performances and production touches from a talented series of friends.

 As Gabriele puts it “I like to surround my music with the people I love and want to spend my time with.” 


A1. Playa 80
A2. Awakening
A3. Cumbachero
B1. Adorando
B2. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
B3. Words Never Work
C1. The Night Falls
C2. Mi Amigo
C3. Repulse Bay
C4. Sotto Il Campanile
C5. Otro Barrio
D1. 6 in 4
D2. Words Never Work Extended Mix