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Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow (We Are Vinyl)


RELEASED: 25th September 2020
Orange Coloured Vinyl LP

Format:  Orange Coloured Vinyl LP
Cat No:  19439792331

On the 'We Are Vinyl' label - "Guitar Heroes" series - First studio album from British guitarist Jeff Beck, originally released on Epic Records in 1975. A x9 track instrumental album.

Released in 1975, Beck's fifth effort as a leader and first instrumental album was a marked departure from its more rock-based predecessors. Blow by Blow features a tremendous supporting cast. Middleton's tasteful use of the Fender Rhodes, clavinet, and analog synthesizers leaves a soulful imprint. Drummer Richard Bailey is in equal measure supportive and propulsive as he deftly combines elements of jazz and funk with contemporary mixed meters. Much of the album's success is also attributable to the excellent material, which includes Middleton's two originals and two collaborations with Beck, a clever arrangement of Lennon and McCartney's "She's a Woman," and two originals by Stevie Wonder. George Martin's ingenious production and string arrangements rival his greatest work. Beck's versatile soloing and diverse tones are clearly the album's focus, and he proves to be an adept rhythm player. Blow by Blow is balanced by open-ended jamming and crisp ensemble interaction as it sidesteps the bombast that sank much of the jazz-rock fusion of the period.  AMG