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Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich - Just In Time - The Final Recording (CD) (Gearbox Records)


RELEASED: 26th March 2021
Deluxe 2 x CD

Format:  Deluxe 2 x CD

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Recorded over 2 nights, 19th & 20th November 1986, at Ronnie Scott’s in London, this is the final ever recording of the legendary, influential drummer, whose impact across Rock, Funk and Soul, as well as Jazz, is unrivalled to this day.
This is a vitally important release, it being the final ever recording of Rich, considered at the time to be the best drummer in the World, and as can be heard throughout was still very much at the top of his game. Also, having remained unreleased for over 30 years, and following a labour of love from Rich's own family, it can now finally be heard by the public.
Available as a double disc CD in replica LP-style gatefold packaging.
From the liner notes, written by Buddy's daughter: "My dad chose set lists for the two nights that I hadn’t heard before. He was always brilliant in choosing the right sets, but this time he shied away from the tried and true and went to places musically that were very different. It was as if he knew that he didn’t have to prove anything anymore and could relax and go wherever he wanted and enjoy it. I think the end result proves just that. For two incredible nights I got to sit in the audience and cheer right along with everyone else. I will always remember that time as one of the greatest moments in my life. Now I can revel in the fact that, thankfully, his last recordings were caught on tape for all of us to enjoy forever. It has taken thirty-three years to finally get these recordings out. An absolute labour of love that I never gave up on. At times it was quite a struggle, but in the end it was all about the music.”


1. Wind Machine
2. Night Blood
3. Ready Mix
4. The Trolley Song
5. Winding Way
6. Harco Shuffle
7. Just In Time
8. Loose
9. Love For Sale
10. Shawnee
11. Up Jumped Spring
12. Why Bother?
13. Porgy and Bess
14. Twisted (feat;. Cathy Rich)
15. Good News (feat. Steve Marcus)