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Gary Numan

Dance (Beggars Banquet)

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RELEASED: 19th January 2018
Double LP Purple Vinyl

Dance was Gary Numan’s fifth studio album and was released in 1981. Beggars Archive are reissuing this album on double purple vinyl.
The original 50-minute album was cut onto a single LP with a resulting compression and compromise to the sound. For this new edition, the tracks have been mastered over three sides for improved fidelity and the fourth side contains relevant singles, B-sides and an out-take. Additionally, the previously unreleased, full length version of ‘Moral’ has been used to close out the original album. The double LP will be released on purple vinyl in an adapted, colour-corrected gatefold jacket with two printed inner sleeves.


  1. Slowcar
  2. To China
  3. Night Talk
  4. A Subway Called ‘You’
  5. Cry The Clock Said 
  6. She’s Got Claws
  7. Crash 
  8. Boys Like Me 
  9. Stories 
  10. My Brother’s Time 
  11. You Are, You Are 
  12. Moral (Extended Version)
  13. Stormtrooper In Drag 
  14. Face To Face 
  15. Dance 
  16. Exhibition 
  17. I Sing Rain