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DC Salas

DC Salas - Beautiful Feelings EP (Live At Robert Johnson)


RELEASED: 21st May 2021
12" Vinyl EP

Format:  12" Vinyl EP
Cat No:  PLAYRJC068

DC Salas’s second EP indeed is a tale of beautiful feelings: After his last year’s debut EP on Live At Robert Johnson called The Complicated Art of Dreaming, this fresh four tracker is a proof to his creative continuity.

'Did They Listen' (A1) rhythmic structure banks on a pounding and effective combination of bass drum, conga and cowbell, joined by a mildly distorted bass line figure, which embeds itself in a panoramic soundscape. 'Beautiful Feelings' (A2) introduces a remarkable striking sawtooth sequence, with repeated filtered and resonating variations, alternating throughout the track. On the flipside, 'Within' (B1) employs yet another bubbly bassline, keeping the soundscape wide-open to retain enough sonic space for that eerie, yet highly energetic Cosmic Disco touch. 'Liquid Perception' (B2) signature is a liquid acid bassline introduced in the second part of the track, perfectly befitting its track title. All tracks of this monolithic EP, thanks to its consistent approach to sound design, could easily be mixed subsequently with each other.

DC Salas is thirty something year old Diego Cortez Salas, a skilled talent with Peruvian origins hailing from Brussels. A regular DJ at C12 and Kiosk Radio, both in Brussels, Diego also co-runs Biologic Records with his mate Abstraxion since 2014.


1. Did They Listen? 
2. The Beautiful Feelings 
3. Within 
4. Liquid Perception