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Dead Moon

Dead Moon - Stranded In The Mystery Zone (Mississippi Records)


RELEASED: 9th April 2021
Black Vinyl LP

Format:  Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  MRP-042

Back in print! DEAD MOON’s classic album from 1991, “Stranded in the Mystery Zone,” one of their best and hardest to find.

Some call them the thinking man’s AC/DC and some call them the working man’s Roky Erickson, but really there is nothing that compares to Dead Moon. They live in a world of their own—D.I.Y on every imaginable level, brilliant song writing, perfect elemental stripped down playing, honest and intense vocals. It’s all here.
This is the album that’s got “Clouds of Dawn,” “A Fix On You,” “Crazy To the Bone,” “Down the Road,” and another half-dozen classics beloved by Dead Moon enthusiasts.

The group are also famous for operating extremely DIY, down to the recording and mastering of their albums (famously cut on the very same lathe that cut “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen!)

Side A:
1. A Fix On You
2. Sorrow’s Forecast
3. Clouds of Dawn
4. Get On Board
5. Spectacle

Side B:
1. Crazy To The Bone
2. Castaways
3. Jane
4. Down The Road
5. Pain For Pretty