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Eastern Rebellion

Eastern Rebellion - Eastern Rebellion (Tidal Waves Music)


RELEASED: 23rd July 2021
180g Black Vinyl LP

Format:  180g Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  TWM67

Originally released in 1976. All-Star players team up on this classic Jazz collaboration.
First vinyl reissue since 1985 . 45th Anniversary edition. 180g Black Vinyl Edition Limited to 500 copies, comes with obi strip (Non-Returnable).

 In 1975, four legends teamed up and gave birth to one of THE best rhythm groups of the 1970s…four musicians that had played music at the highest level all their lives and gained their status as both stand-alone artists and important sidemen - GEORGE COLEMAN, CEDAR WALTON, SAM JONES and BILLY HIGGINS. Each of them had participated in many of jazz’s great moments and all four shared the ability, documented on many albums, to inspire their fellow musicians to even greater heights. In 1975, the EASTERN REBELLION collective was born.

The Eastern Rebellion album was recorded in New York City in December 1975 and released on the Dutch label TIMELESS in 1976. Timeless was (and is) run by Ria and Wim Wigt who are patrons of the arts and very close with key jazz musicians around the globe…this was an important album for Timeless because it would become their first-ever release. Now 45 years later, the label is still standing strong after a long and prosperous career of releasing top recordings from all THE big names within the jazz genre.

On Eastern Rebellion (Vol.1) you’ll find four band-penned originals and an excellent John Coltrane cover-tune. The album was produced by Cedar Walton and Wim Wigt and is a remarkable outing of advanced musicianship by four jazz giants in their prime, delivering a gem containing five inspired and straight-ahead tracks. Three more volumes (depicting the same front-cover artwork) of the Eastern Rebellion jazz collective would follow between 1976 and 1984, and later another four on different labels (between 1992 and 1994).


1. Bolivia
2. Naima

3. 5/4 Thing
4. Bittersweet
5. Mode for Joe