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Hess & Harrison

Hess & Harrison - Epibenthos Mbira (Colour EP) (Echocord)


RELEASED: 9th July 2021
12" Colour Vinyl EP

Format:  12" Clear Smoked White Vinyl EP
Cat No:  EchocordColour043

Echocord’s Colour series returns late April with the ‘Epibenthos Mbira’ EP by Hess & Harrison. Detroit’s Luke Hess has long been a respected name in underground Techno, releasing on the likes of FXHE, Deeplabs, Minimood and of course Echocord, here we see him joining forces with fellow Detroit native Joshua Harrison under their new Hess & Harrison alias for a fresh four-track EP on Echocord Colour.

‘Benthos’ leads, merging snaking dub chords and swirling white noise amidst robust drums and acid-tinged stab sequences. ‘Hadal’ follows next, embracing a more dynamic feel to contrast the groove-driven opener, this time round the duo lay focus on expansive reverberations, elongated delays, hypnotic strings and subtly nuanced textures throughout.

‘Nekton’ kicks on the flip-side, delving even deeper via driving low-end tones, murky atmospherics and shuffled percussion before ‘Upwelling’ rounds out the EP, bringing things back to a more loop driven feel as bubbling echoes, gritty bass stabs and sharp chords ebb and flow around crisp drums.


1. Benthos 
2. Hadal 
3. Nekton 
4. Upwelling