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The Decemberists

I'll Be Your Girl (Rough Trade Records)

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RELEASED: 16th March 2018 (Subject To Change)
Indies Only White Vinyl LP

The Decemberists explore a new sound with a new producer on their inspired eighth studio album ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’, released on Rough Trade Records.
The acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based band worked with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Lana del Ray) and embraced influences such as Roxy Music and New Order to spark a new creative path, as can be heard on the synth-driven ‘Severed’.
‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ is the sound of a veteran band finding new inspiration, a unit unafraid of challenging itself to re-connect with its creativity. “Making music is an infinite choose-your-own adventure,” says Colin Meloy, “and when you go down one path, the other paths get sealed off. So every time we could, we said, ‘If this is what our impulses would tell us to do, let’s try to imagine it in a different way.’”


  1. Once In My Life
  2. Cutting Stone
  3. Severed
  4. Starwatcher
  5. Tripping Along
  6. Your Ghost
  7. Everything Is Awful
  8. Sucker’s Prayer
  9. We All Die Young
  10. Rusalka, Rusalka / The
  11. Wild Rushes
  12. I’ll Be Your Girl