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Johann Johannsson

Johann Johannsson - Last And First Men (2021 Re-issue) (Deutsche Grammophon)


RELEASED: 27th August 2021
2 x Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Vinyl LP
Cat No:  486 0473

This reissued standard vinyl edition of Jóhannsson’s brilliant and seven years in the making work 'Last and First Men' is replacing the limited edition box set, that has originally been released with the album. Please note the Blu-Ray and art prints from the limited edition box set are not included.

While composing haunting, elegiac concept albums of lost utopias and working for TV and film, the Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson was thinking about a project on an even larger scale since 2010 - a multimedia work that would include his own visual concept, direction and music. Based on the cult science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, Jóhann Jóhannsson's opus magnum Last and First Men artfully combines music, film and narration from Tilda Swinton, sitting somewhere between fiction and documentary to form a poetic meditation on memory and loss.


A1 Prelude 2:35
A2 A Minor Astronomical Event 3:39
A3 A Move To Neptune 3:48
A4 Physical Description Of The Last Human Beings 4:37
A5 Architecture 5:01
A6 Supreme Monuments 1:49
B1 Telepathic Unity 1:59
B2 Childhood / Land Of The Young 5:36
B3 The Navigators 8:07
C1 The Sun 1:29
C2 A New Doom 2:54
C3 Task No. 1: The Scattering Of Seeds 1:56
C4 Task No. 2: Communicating With The Past 1:06
C5 The Last Office Of Humanity 2:11
C6 Slow Destruction Of Neptune 4:26
D1 The Few That Prevail 2:01
D2 The Last Men 3:19
D3 Remembrance Of The Past 2:35
D4 The Universal End 1:23
D5 Epilogue