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Lewis Taylor

Lewis Taylor - Lewis Taylor (Be With Records)


RELEASED: 20th August 2021
2 x Black Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  BEWITH099LP

One of UK soul’s most fascinating artists, Andrew Lewis Taylor is an enigmatic figure and a hugely under-appreciated talent. A prodigious multi-instrumentalist who got his start touring with heavy blues/psych outfit the Edgar Broughton Band, he released two albums of psychedelic-rock as Sheriff Jack before Island signed him on the strength of a demo alone. But Taylor was destined to be one of those artists unable (or unwilling) to be pigeonholed and despite the best efforts of Island’s publicity department the music never sold in the quantities it needed to or deserved to. Island eventually let him go in the early 2000s and in June 2006, Lewis Taylor retired from music.

Typical for the mid-90s, this CD-length album was squeezed onto a single LP for its original vinyl release. Simon Francis’s fresh vinyl mastering now spreads out the ten tracks over a double LP so nothing is compromised. And as usual, the records have been cut by Pete Norman and pressed at Record Industry. The original artwork has been restored at Be With HQ and subtly re-worked to work as a double.

This sprawling psychedelic soul opus really is a forgotten should-be-classic. We know that there are those of you who know, and as for the rest of you, we’re a bit jealous that you’re getting to hear Lewis Taylor for the first time.

A1 : Lucky (6:34)
A2 : Bittersweet (5:36)

B1 : Whoever (4:31)
B2 : Track (5:11)
B3 : Song (4:56)

C1 : Betterlove (5:25)
C2 : How (3:59)

D1 : Right (4:27)
D2 : Damn (6:01)
D3 : Spirit (3:16)