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Madness - 7 (Remastered) (BMG)


RELEASED: 26th March 2021
180g Black Vinyl LP

Format:  180g Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  4050538618778

Following on from two hugely successful debut albums (‘One Step Beyond’ & ‘Absolutely’, both #2 in the UK album charts upon the respective releases), 7 is Madness’ third studio album.

Originally released in 1981 and reaching #5 in the UK album charts, it is now subject to a brand new re-release on 180g black vinyl as part of an ongoing reissue campaign. Featuring exclusive liner notes by journalist Stevie Chick (MOJO, The Guardian & NME) and interviews with saxophonist Lee ‘Kix’ Thompson and keyboard-player Mike Barson. It features the hit singles Grey Day (UK #4), Cardiac Arrest (UK #14), and Shut Up (UK #7).


Side A
1. Cardiac Arrest (2009 – Remaster)
2. Shut Up (2009 – Remaster)
3. Sign Of The Times (Remastered)
4. Missing You (Remastered)
5. Mrs. Hutchinson (Remastered)
6. Tomorrow's Dream (2009 – Remastered)

Side B
1. Grey Day (2009 – Remaster)
2. Pac-A-Mac (Remastered)
3. Promises Promises (Remastered)
4. Benny Bullfrog (Remastered)
5. When Dawn Arrives (2010 – Remaster)
6. The Opium Eaters (2010 – Remaster)
7. Day On The Town (Remastered)