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Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich - The Divine Comedy (Transparent Red Vinyl) (Real Gone Music)


RELEASED: 7th May 2021
Transparent Red Vinyl LP

Format:  Transparent Red Vinyl LP
Cat No:  RGM-1227

Uh oh…a fashion model recording an album? But there was a lot more to Milla Jovovich than just her looks; in fact, when the SBK label tried to make The Divine Comedy into a pop album, she fought back and insisted on using her own poetry and instrumental accompaniment, much of it tinged with her native Ukrainian folk themes. The result was a one of the best-kept secrets of the ‘90s, a record that recalls Kate Bush and Tori Amos with an added Eastern European exoticism.... all made at the tender age of 19, before her starring roles in The Fifth Element and the Resident Evil films.
For its first widespread LP release, this album is pressed in red vinyl and housed inside a jacket with printed inner sleeve…a package worthy of the artist!


1. The Alien Song
(For Those Who Listen)
2. Gentleman Who Fell
3. It’s Your Life
4. Reaching from Nowhere
5. Charlie
6. Ruby Lane

1. Bang Your Head
2. Clock
3. Don’t Fade Away
4. You Did It All Before
5. In a Glade