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New Age Steppers

New Age Steppers - Stepping Into A New Age 1980 - 2012 (On-U Sound)


RELEASED: 19th March 2021
5 CD Boxset

Format:  5 CD Boxset
Cat No:  ONUCD149

An anthology set of the group that launched the On-U Sound label with the first album and single, New Age Steppers were a collective with an evolving line-up, built around the driving forces of Ari Up (The Slits) and producer Adrian Sherwood.
Their records featured contributions from several singers and players from the UK post-punk vanguard such as the Pop Group, The Raincoats and The Flying Lizards; colliding with established movers from the reggae world such as Bim Sherman, Style Scott and George Oban.
Contains the following discs: ‘New Age Steppers’ (1981), ‘Action Battlefield’ (1981), ‘Foundation Steppers’ (1983), ‘Love Forever’ (2012) and ‘Avant Gardening’ (a new compilation of rare dubs, version excursions and unreleased tracks from the vault), plus a 32 page book containing photos, ephemera and a new sleeve notes by Oli Warwick that trace the history of the group via conversations with Adrian Sherwood and other contributors.
‘New Age Steppers’, ‘Action Battlefield’, ‘Foundation Steppers’, ‘Love Forever’ and ‘Avant Gardening’ are also being made available on vinyl separately, with digital download cards and printed inners.


"New Age Steppers":
1. Fade Away
2. Radial Drill
3. State Assembly
4. Crazy Dreams and High Ideals
5. Abderhamane’s Demise
6. Animal Space
7. Love Forever
8. Private Armies

"Action Battlefield":
1. My Whole World
2. Observe Life
3, Got To Get Away
4. My Love
5. Problems
6. Nuclear Zulu
7. Guiding Star

"Foundation Steppers":
1. Some Love
2. Memories
3. 5 Dog Race
4. Misplaced Love
5. Dreamers
6. Stabilizer
7. Stormy Weather
8. Vice Of My Enemies
9. Mandarin

"Love Forever":
1. Conquer
2. My Nerves
3. Love Me Nights
4. The Scheisse Song
5. Musical Terrorist
6. The Fury Of Ari
7. Wounded Animal
8. The Worst Of Me
9. Revelation
10. The Last Times
11. Death Of Trees

"Avant Gardening":
1. Aggro Dub Version
2. Send For Me
3. Izalize
4. Unclear
5. Singing Love
6. I Scream (Rimshot)
7. Avante Gardening
8. Wide World Version
9. Some Dub
10. May I Version