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Robag Wruhme

Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk (Gold Vinyl) (Pampa Records)


RELEASED: 10th December 2021
2 x Gold Vinyl LP

Format:  2 x Gold Coloured Vinyl LP

In January Gabor Schablitzki released his first track for Pampa under his majestic and well-known alias Robag Wruhme. Koze knew that behind "Thora Vukk" was way more than what met the eye. Schablizki remembers: "Stefan(Kozalla) told me: If you're in the flow right now, then produce an album! So I did, which took me half a year. During this time I worked a lot with piano Rhodes and field recordings. Stefan recognized this phase and plowed me a way to create an album.

"Wupp Dek" was done right after "Thora Vukk”: A rhythmic clangour touched by a smooth pad Schablitzki's voice sings in a promising way: "Like it, like it, like it". Again and again you wait for the grooves and the track is letting you stay there full of expectations. "It's a classic opener, it takes forever 'til the bass drum hits. But once it's there, it's really there and doesn't leave that soon. The whole album is found on that track!" Then the rousing grooves and seductive sounds fade away to leave room for something else, something unexpected: Water runs, echo sounds draw a picture of a vast, cold room. Within seconds a pressuring atmosphere evolves that wakes one's curiosity on a whole different level. That Cut, that canyon is the silver lining through the whole album. 


A1. Thora Vukk
A2. Prognosen Bomm
B1. Bommsen Böff
B2. Tulpa Ovi
C1. Wupp Dek
D1. Pnom Gobal
D2. Ende