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The B-Music Of Jean Rollin 1968-1975 (Finders Keepers Records)

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RELEASED: 19th January 2018
Vinyl LP

Celebrating the immortal legacy of the late director, Finders Keepers Records compile a detailed and comprehensive music cabinet of some of the finest musical moments from his initial directorial decade between 1968-1979, which provided a much-needed platform for the freak rock and free jazz that mirrored the distorted erotic visions in his own mind’s eye. Imagine Gong-gone-wrong meeting the Art Ensembles Of Châteauroux. As the constant reappraisal of Jean Rollin’s body of work continues to pick up speed this important sonic snapshot of European horror scores brings together some of the most desirable and hard to find recordings from these important films.


  1. Yvon Gerault - Blind Songbird 
  2. Acanthus - Le Frisson Des Vampires 
  3. Pierre Raph - Gilda & Gunshots 
  4. Pierre Raph - Crotch Batterie 
  5. François Tusques - Golden Panther 
  6. Acanthus - La Château 
  7. Yvon Gerault - Fallen Dancer 
  8. Pierre Raph - Batterie Fields 
  9. Acanthus - Wedding Party 
  10. Pierre Raph - Jewel Thieves 
  11. Pierre Raph - Jade Lake 
  12. François Tusques - Abstract 
  13. Procession Acanthus - Flightless Bird 
  14. Yvon Gerault - Blue Doll Baroque 
  15. Pierre Raph - Jeunes Filles Impudiques 
  16. Acanthus - Doux-Reveil 
  17. Yvon Gerault - Skittles 
  18. François Tusques - Croque Weasel 
  19. Acanthus - La Cite Rouge