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The Black Crowes

The Black Crowes - Croweology (10th Anniversary Edition) (Silver Arrow Records)


RELEASED: 30th April 2021
3 x Gold & Black Vinyl LP

Format:  3 x Gold & Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  VGR705RP3

After touring in 2009, The Black Crowes spent time at the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles, recording over 20 songs from their 20 year history. The band arranged acoustic versions of many of their best loved songs and the band’s catalogue picks.

This gold and black vinyl, exclusive to Proper, was produced by Paul Stacey and is released on Silver Arrow Records.


LP 1:
1. Jealous Again
2. Share The Ride
3. Remedy
4. Non-Fiction
5. Hotel Illness
6. Soul Singing

LP 2:
1. Ballad In Urgency
2. Wiser Time
3. Cold Boy Smile
4. Under A Mountain
5. She Talks To Angels
6. Morning Song
7. Downtown Money Waster

LP 3:
1. Good Friday
2. Thorn In My Pride
3. Welcome To The Good Times
4. Girl
5. From A Pawnshop
6. Sister Luck
7. She
8. Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye