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Leroy Hutson

The Man! (Acid Jazz)


RELEASED: 11th May 2018
Vinyl LP

Deluxe reissue of Leroy Hutson’s second album for Curtom Records, ‘The Man!’. One of the finest soul albums of 1974 featuring amongst others ‘Could This Be Love’, ‘Ella Weez’ and Leroy’s own version of ‘The Ghetto ‘74’, Donny Hathaway’s signature tune which Leroy wrote with Donny.


  1. Can’t Say Enough About Mom
  2. Gotta Move – Gotta Move
  3. Ella Weez
  4. Give This Love A Try
  5. The Ghetto ‘74
  6. After The Fight
  7. Could This Be Love
  8. Dudley Do-Right