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Global Communication

Global Communication - Transmissions (Evolution)


RELEASED: 2nd October 2020
3 x CD Box Set

Format:  3 x CD Box Set
Cat No:  EVOR11CD

Global Communication are the legendary duo of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard. They began recording in 1991 and in a short space of time released a huge amount of music, collectively and individually and in a broad range of styles, including records under names such as Link, E621, Reload, The Chameleon and Jedi Knights. It’s the work they made together as Global Communication, however, that has proved to be the most enduring. This is in no small part down to the formidable reputation of their sole studio album, ‘76:14’, widely considered to be an ambient techno classic, hailed by The Guardian as “an unfathomably beautiful out-of-time masterpiece” and no.11 in
Mixmag’s Best Dance Albums Of All Time.

This new anthology is the most definitive overview of their music to date, issued on the group’s own Evolution label and remastered from the original DAT tapes, with care taken to retain the full dynamics of the original recordings. Every detail has been painstakingly overseen by Tom and Mark, accompanied by in-depth sleevenotes by Ben Cardew and beautifully updated sleeve designs by Mark Gowing.

As well as ‘76:14’ presented in stunning new sound quality, it also contains two other albums. ‘Pentamerous Metamorphosis’ was their revolutionary full album overhaul of the ‘Blood Music’ album by labelmates Chapterhouse. Whilst retaining some elements of the shoegaze guitar music of the original recording to use as building blocks, Global Communication essentially crafted their own album out of the results and the result is a lesser known but equally fine-crafted companion to the much-loved ‘76:14’.

The third record in this set is a special compilation Mark and Tom have assembled of classic non-album 12” tracks and radical remixes of other artists, something also flipped on its head by a brand new cover version by Lone (R&S Records) of the anthemic ‘5:23’. ‘Curated Singes & Remixes’ highlights that, even within the framework of Global Communication, 


CD1 ‘Chapterhouse Retranslated
by Global Communication - Blood
Music: Pentamerous
Alpha Phase
Beta Phase
Gamma Phase
Delta Phase
Epsilon Phase

CD2 ‘76:14’
14:31 Ob-selon Mi-nos Repainted By Global Communication

CD3 ‘Curated Singles & Remixes’
Global Communication -Incidental Harmony
Global Communication - Sublime
Creation (Original Mix)
Sensorama - Aspirin (Global Communication Remix)
The Grid Rollercoaster (TheGlobal Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take)
Lone - 5:23
Global Communication - The Deep
Global Communication - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
Global Communication - 7:39 (Original Cassette Demo