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Various Artists

Various Artists - Fading Yellow Vol.18 (Busy Bee)


RELEASED: 21st May 2021

Format:  CD
Cat No:  BBP085CD

The long running series 'Fading Yellow' originated as a tiny DIY project in 1995. Since then it’s become its own genre and a way for collectors all over the world to update their wishlists, but even if you’re not a die hard collector and just really enjoy the sunnier side of psychedelia, then Fading Yellow is for you.

Over 18 installments the series is curated by leading experts on rare psych. Sometimes the volumes might dig into a specific country or theme, but mostly they’re just a way to collect fine tunes. BBP are now releasing this last volume which includes gems from all over the world, including an unreleased song by Howling Wind (pre-Candle), an obscure Rhodesian 45 and a Danish cover of Keith West’s ‘On A Saturday’ among other treats.


1. The Kool - Look At Me Look At Me (Uk)
2. The Teenmakers - On A Saturday (Denmark)
3. The Pussyfoot - Mr Hyde (Uk)
4. The Jay Five - Its Raining (Germany)
5. Paul Osborne - Ice (Uk)
6. The Shanes - Without Your Love (Sweden)
7. Ice - Memories (Uk)
8. Jon Mark - All Neat In Black Stockings (Uk)
9. Science Poption - Back In Town (Sweden)
10. Maxwell & Nicholson - Virgin (Uk)
11. Unknown Artist Acetate - The Bedd (Uk) *
12. PamÉla Je Taime Un Peu...Beaucoup... Passionément (Belgium)
13. Howling Winds - Meditating (Sweden) *
14. I Fantoms - Katia (Italy)
15. Jack Grunsky - Julie Knows (Switzerland)
16. The Moonlighters - Mary Wilkins (Sweden)
17. Ted Mulry - I Love You (Australia)
18. The Maximillian King Trio - Indigo (Rhodesia)