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Various Artists

Various Artists - Good As Gold - Artefacts Of The Apple Era 1967-1975 (Grapefruit)


RELEASED: 25th June 2021
5 x CD Deluxe Boxset

Format:  5 x CD Deluxe Clamshell Boxset
Cat No:  CRSEGBOX093

Established in 1967 at the height of their powers, The Beatles’ Apple operation saw the group embrace and encourage a wealth of contemporary musical talent, offering studio time and demo facilities alongside recording and publishing contracts. This unique opportunity attracted artists and songwriters from across the musical spectrum, and GOOD AS GOLD presents a snapshot of that talent, spanning the years 1967 to 1975. From the psychedelic tinged sounds of the mid-late 1960s onwards, the label matured and evolved alongside its audience and remains as compelling today as it did during those halcyon days. GOOD AS GOLD is a fascinating and insightful peek into the minds and tastes of those behind the company, and a broad snapshot of those who hoped to catch their attention.