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Various Artists

Various Artists - Tufstuf Records 01 (Tufstuf Records)


RELEASED: 27th August 2021
12" Vinyl Single

Format:  12" Vinyl Single
Cat No:  TUF01

A brand new multi genre label. Releasing Jungle, Hardcore and Jungle Techno that pay's tribute to the original 90's vibe but presents it with a modern take. TufStuf focuses on the harder and faster side of rave, with rough layered breakbeats, deep sub bass, and emotive and catchy melodies.

With already some very experienced, talented and creative producers signed to the label there are many exciting things to come. The first release is a perfect fusion of Hardcore & Jungle vibes - the A side has a more melodic theme to it while the B side brings some serious dark hardcore vibes.


A1. In My Mind – Ruff Jam
A2. Feel da Vibe - Akuma
B1.Give it to Em – Slim Sinna
B2. Dark Night - Arkyn