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Daft Punk

Daft Punk - TRON: Legacy (UMC)


RELEASED: 27th May 2022
Limited Edition 2 x Heavyweight Black Vinyl LP

Format:  Limited Edition 2 x Heavyweight Black Vinyl LP
Cat No:  8750257

UMC/Walt Disney Records are releasing the TRON catalogue on heavyweight vinyl to mark the 40th anniversary since it was originally released on July 9th 1982.

The 2010 remake TRON: Legacy soundtrack was composed and scored by Daft Punk, and is released on two-disc heavyweight vinyl.

TRON: Legacy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack marked Daft Punk’s film music debut and remains the only score composed by them to date. Universally acclaimed, the TRON: Legacy soundtrack was considered a musical departure but in hindsight contained aural hallmarks that foreshadowed Daft Punk’s later recorded work using live instruments to create classical soundscapes. Recorded with an 85-piece orchestra at London’s AIR Studios, Daft Punk cited Wendy Carlos as inspiration alongside Max Steiner, Bernard Herrmann, John Carpenter, Vangelis and Maurice Jarre. The soundtrack was certified gold in the UK soon after release.


LP1 – Side A
01. Overture
02. The Grid
03. The Son of Flynn
04. Recognizer
05. Armory
06. Arena
07. Rinzler
08. The Game Has Changed
09. Outlands

LP1 – Side B
01. Adagio For TRON
02. Nocturne
03. End of Line
04. Derezzed
05. Fall
06. Solar Sailer
07. Rectifier
08. Disc Wars

LP2 – Side C
01. C.L.U.
02. Arrival
03. Flynn Lives
04. TRON Legacy (End Titles)
05. Finale

LP2 – Side D
01. Sea of Simulation
02. Encom Part II
03. Encom Part I
04. Round One
05. Castor
06. Reflections
07. Sunrise Prelude