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Fahrland - Mixtape Vol. 1 (Kompakt)

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RELEASED: 13th April 2018
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  Kompakt 382

To those familiar with the output of Cologne-based imprint Firm from back in the early ‘00s, the name of Geiger, alias Nass, shall undoubtedly ring a bell. Herald of an hedonistic melange of funk- soaked electro pop and guitar-riddled synth music, sitting somewhere close to acts like Ween and Junior Boys, Alexander Geiger breaks an eight-year hiatus with the drop of his debut album under the newly-founded moniker of Fahrland.

A release that both encompasses a healthy dose of the discoid tropes from the Firm era but also aspires to split with a segment of it, geared towards exploring further undisclosed fringes of his shape-shifting sound universe, ‘Mixtape Vol.1’ is the fruit of a decisive move from the sleepless Berlin to the peaceful countryside landscapes of Fahrland – a lushly forested area near Potsdam which you’ll have understood played an essential role in Geiger’s longed-for return.

From the languid sexy vibe of ‘Beggin’, ‘Plastic People’ and ‘Yesterday’ – all three featuring the sensual whispers of multi-talented vocalist and artist MZ Sunday Luv, through the heavily vocodized, chip- implemented groove of I AM ROBOT - reminiscent of Telex and Space Art, balearic jazz & rap shine of ‘Sky So High’, smokey lounge ambience of ‘L AND H’ onto broader ambient-friendly spans such as ‘Suspension’, ‘Windshield Gently Wipers’ and the smooth, sun-basking closer ‘Get Down’, each track holds a fragile cocooned world at its heart.


1. Get Up
2. Suspension
4. Beggin (Featuring – Mz Sunday Luv)
5. Plastic People (Featuring – Mz Sunday Luv)
6. 5/4
7. Yesterday (Featuring – Mz Sunday Luv)
8. Friends Forever
9. Sky So High
10. L And H
11. Windshield Gently Wipers
12. Get Down