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Fear Of A Brown Planet (Fat Beats Records)

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Released: 15th June 2018
12" Vinyl LP

Twenty-eight years ago, pissed-off twelve-year-olds around the universe discovered a new planet, a Black Planet. Public Enemy’s aggressive, Benihana beats and incendiary lyrics instilled fear among parents and teachers everywhere, even in the border town of Laredo, Texas, home of the future founders of the Latin-Funk-Soul-Breaks super group, Brownout. The band’s sixth full-length album (out May 25th) Fear of a Brown Planet is a musical manifesto inspired by Public Enemy’s music and revolutionary spirit.
While some songs closely follow the original musical blueprint, others use the source breakbeats as jumping-off points later sweetened by Trombonist Mark “Speedy” Gonzales’ horn arrangements, synth wizardry courtesy of friend-of-the-band Peter Stopschinski, and DJ Trackstar’s turntable scratches. But don’t listen expecting to hear paint-by-numbers recreations of classic Public Enemy jams. “Our approach is never in the tribute sense,” Adrian explains. “We’ve always taken it and made it our own, whether it’s the Brown Sabbath thing or this Public Enemy thing.” Coming off numerous tours as Brown Sabbath and even a stint backing the late legend Prince, Brownout is arguably the tightest and funkiest band on the road today and they’re psyched to bring this revolutionary music to the people. 


1. Louder Than A Bomb
2. Shut Em Down
3. Fight The Power
4. Trackstar The DJ To The Edge Of Panic
5. By The Time I Get To Arizona
6. Welcome To The Terrordome
7. My Uzi Weight A Ton
8. Don’t Believe The Hype
9. I Don’t Wanna Be Called Yo Ni**a
10. 911 Is A Joke
11. Bring The Noise
12. Prophets Of Rage