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Francois Tusques

Francois Tusques - Free Jazz (Finders Keepers)


RELEASED: 8th September 2017
Vinyl LP

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat No:  20CACKLP

As Finders Keepers’ disobedient little sister label reaches her 20th (release) anniversary, Cacophonic Records present a record that will not only leave rare record collectors salivating but will open ambitious ears to a truly pioneering album from the seldom celebrated and individualistic micro-genre that is French free jazz.

Spearheaded by polymath pianist and composer François Tusques this 1965 French album coined the phrase ‘free jazz’ before the American genre of the same name had fully taken shape. Presented here on vinyl for the first time since its original, ultra rare micro press (original copies now fetching upwards of 1000 euros), this Cacophonic release is taken directly from François Tusques’ very own mastertape archive.


  1. Description Automatique D’un Paysage Désolé
  2. Souvenir De L’OIseau
  3. Souvenir De L’Oiseau 2
  4. Description Automatique D’un Paysage Désolé (Autre Version)
  5. La Tour Saint-Jacques
  6. Souvenir De L’Oiseau 3